Take off/Takeoff

It has taken me about three years to blog about bread again.  That sounds like a long time, but as this old girl ages, three years really doesn’t sound like that long of a time anymore.  Sob.

Where has the time gone?  I present a visual timeline of the major milestones of my blogging procrastination.

Catching upAbove from left: Robin makes an honest woman of me under the earthly authority of his father, the Rev. Dr. Harding (June 2011; Suffolk, England); Everyone needs to go pixie and then regret it once in her life, although I don’t recommend doing it while simultaneously gaining a few stone in pregnancy weight (October 2012; Munich, Germany); Baby Harding is born in the year of the Dragon and lives up to the spirit of her zodiac animal (January 2013; Oxford, England); Big Booty Harding turns one and receives a huge pink teddy from her ever-doting Ah-Ma (January 2014; Rochester, NY, USA)

Right, this is a post about bread, not my life.  See how my life gets in the way of posting about bread?

If we go back to my drafts from 2010, you’d see a few about sourdough bread.  More specifically, you would see half-written posts about my failure at creating a sourdough starter.  Sourdough starters are basically wild yeast cultures that leaven dough, eliminating the need to keep a jar of commercial yeast in the pantry or refrigerator.  Our ancient ancestors figured out how to create it and maintain it, so why couldn’t I figure it out, or why couldn’t I just Google it into existence?  Other than the aforementioned life events, this setback with sourdough was probably why my blog lay dormant for so long.

Cutting through the wildly exciting tales of my many sourdough starter attempts, I’ll get straight to the quick and dirty on how I made my very own sourdough starter — I stirred together some flour and water.  In more detail…

  1. I mixed equal parts organic whole wheat flour and filtered tap water in a glass bowl with a stainless steel spoon
  2. I left everything there for a day or several days
  3. I stirred it until I eventually saw bubbles at the top of the mixture
  4. I added another portion of flour and water and stirred
  5. I repeated Step 4 everyday for about two weeks, then stored it in the fridge for another two weeks, feeding it once a week

Why did I fail so many other times?  Who cares!  Yes, that’s the answer, who cares.  My breakthrough moment came as I watched this deadpan Dane on YouTube tell me that the starter doesn’t care about where I put it.  Wait, I didn’t need to store it in a sterilized glass bowl?  I didn’t need to only use a clean wooden spoon when I stirred it?  I didn’t need to take it into my bedroom with me at night to keep it company?  No, no, and what was wrong with me?

Coming up next, a post on baking a loaf of bread using a sourdough starter.  Promise.


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  1. guh says:

    time for another post.

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